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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 25, 2015 12:00am-12:31am EST

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>> i.s.i.l. kid naps at least 70 people from christian settlements in syria. hi everyone you're watching al jazeera. i'm john siegenthaler in doha. also on the program. human rights watch says it's proofed that syria used barrel bombs. hacking espionage and the threat of cyber-terrorism.
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in with the old and out with the new. there's a push to rebuild the past. at least 70 people from christian villages in syria have been kidnapped from fighters from the islamic state of iraq and the levant. i.s.i.l. raids houses along the river in hasaka province. where the syrian forces have launched a major offensive against the group. in neighboring iraq the army released this video after capturing the town of anbadi. as they return to the ein al asar air base. central library including 8,000 rare books manuscripts have been destroyed.
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zeina khodr reports. >> dozens of families fled their villages in the northeastern problemsprovince of hasake after they were overrun by the islamic state of iraq and the levant. >> they struck our houses, our churches, we had to leave we were scared. >> in these difficult times we appeal to all organizations and the international community to help these innocent people, do not commit any crime. they are helpless. >> reporter: but not everyone managed to escape. according to human rights groups dozens of syrians were captured by i.s.i.l. their whereabouts are not known. they don't know if they're still alive or whether i.s.i.l. plans to exchange them as part of a prisoner swap. its leaders are appealing for help to the international community against i.s.i.l. >> all the political parties and
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the community want to issue a statement to strongly condemn these actions by i.s.i.l to help us rescue our land which is under the control of this grerve terroristaggressive terrorist organization. >> over the past week the kurds with the help of the u.s. led coalition air strikes have made advances in hasaka province. in the border town of kobani. i.s.i.l. has captured hundreds if not thousands of people in syria and neighboring iraq. it has also been accused of war crimes and abuses and the mass kidnapping of yazidiless last summer. thisyazidis in iraq last summer.
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zeina khodr, al jazeera barrett. beirut. is. students who just left a nearby school an police and medics in nearby fallujah say at least ten died after shelling by the iraqi army. iraqi troops have been trying to drive i.s.i.l. troops out of mosul for more than a year. destabilizing syria obama hosted at the white house he described qatar as a strong partner in the fight against the armed group. human rights watch says it has proof syria's government has used barrel bombs to attack rebel held areas. it says more than 6,000 civilians have been killed by barrel bombs last year. our diplomatic editor james bays
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has more. >> human rights watch says the number of attacks has been increasing including the use of improvised munitions like these the so-called barrel bombs. almost exactly a year ago in a rare moment of diplomatic unity the u.n. security council passed the resolution on humanitarian access in syria. that resolution says all aerial attacks including barrel bombs had to stop. but the human rights watch research using satellite imagery and witness statements says that hasn't happened. their research shows the number of attacks in aleppo province before the resolution marked in blue on the map numbered about 350. in red after the resolution in one year alone over 1,100 bombings. >> we have seen that the syrian government as well as other parties to the conflict have completely failed to abide by the terms of the resolution. and despite that the security
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council has failed to take this issue back up and to send a clear message to the parties that there will be a price to pay for failing to abide by clear terms of the resolution which require an end to indiscriminate attacks. >> human rights says, there has been so much attention on i.s.i.l. that the syrian government hasn't been held responsible for its action he. before their next meeting in syria on thursday. james bays, al jazeera, united nations. u.s. secretary of state john kerry says russia has repeatedly lied to him about campaigns in ukraine. >> russia is engaged in a rather remarkable period of the most overt and extensive propaganda exercise that i've seen since the very height of the cold war. and they have been persisting in
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their misrepresentations, lies, whatever you want to call them about their activities there to my face, to the face of others, on many different occasions. >> on the ground in ukraine both the army and the separatists are accusing each other of violating the truce. now there's concern that the rebels are moving their focus to mariupul in the south. capture of that port would give them access to the azof sea. paul brennan reports. >> east of the location of the city of mariupul, tanks further forward is why. while the guns have fallen silent along sections of the conflict it's not happening here. >> bombing every day from separatists and we can't give him -- >> you can't reply to that fire?
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>> we can't we can't. >> you are under orders? >> this is fire only in one way. >> we were taken further forward along dry dusty lanes weaving between position he. there is no intention to withdraw them yet. >> translator: these tanks are on the second defensive line in case the enemy break through front line. do you hear the sound? they might be shelling or they may be preparing a ground assault. do you think i should just stand and watch? >> just a few hundred meters back from the front line the sound of tank and artillery fire is almost continuous. dugging new trenches. >> here in the trenches east of mariupole, we have been told not to reveal the exact location of these trenches but you can see
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the urgency with which the soldiers are digging them. they have zero confidence that the ceasefire is applying here. the city of mariupole with its huge steel works and busy sea port was briefly captured by separatists last may before being recaptured by the ukraine forces. >> of course we feel anxious but i stand here on the market every day and i see ukrainian military vehicles headed to the front line to help our army. and i personally think mariupole will not be surrendered. >> of course we are worried when we live on the border of donetsk and see what's happening there you worry that it could happen here too and certainly a lot have fled the city. >> we hope our soldiers will defend us and will not let
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separatists and bandits into our city. we hope the other allies defend us but it would be better if they gave us weapons to defend us. >> diplomas has so far done little to silence the guns here. paul brennan, al jazeera mariupole ukraine. >> ton hunt for the president houthis say he is wanted. the rebels then placed him under house arrest, hadi fled the capital over the weekend and headed to the southern port of aden. he has now withdrawn his resignation. meanwhile a french woman who has been kidnapped in the capital of sanaa the 30-year-old was traveling in a taxi with a yemeni driver on her way to work when they were intercepted by armed men in front of the government
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building.. to nigeria where 22 have been killed in suicide bombings in the northeast. the explosion happened when people were boding a bus. president goodluck jonathan has blamed the armed group boko haram for attacks. meanwhile the fight against boko haram continues. the nigerian military released a video which shows an operation against armed group. air force ground troops took place in the northeastern part of the country. straight ahead on al jazeera: we have more on the spy cables. why a group claiming to be israeli cyber-warriors threatened south africa. plus awe eyes on japan's prime minister, how he will mark the 70th anniversary of the end of world war ii.
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>> sunday, the parents of captured american reporter austin tice. >> austin went missing in syria. >> campaigning for his release and maintaining hope. >> austin tice is alive. >> find him and get him home. >> a special "talk to al jazeera". sunday, 5:30 eastern. only on al jazeera america. >> welcome back. you're watching al jazeera. let's take a look at the top stories. i.s.i.l. fighters have kidnapped at least 70 people from christian villages in syria. dozens of others have managed to flee the area. barrel bombs in rebel-held areas. it says more than 6,000 civilians have been killed by those types of attacks in the past year.
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defending the city of mariupole. secret intelligence documents revealed men claiming to be israeli cyber-warriors threatened south africa with a mass eight of tack. they vowed to cripple the banking and financial sectors unless the government stopped supporting the pro-palestine campaign. here is phil reese with the latest from the spy cables. is. >> from >> from the occupiedpalestinian. >> the nation apartheid history helped them gain support. but the spy cables showed they faced aggressive opposition from pro-israeli groups. the secret 2012 briefing exposes a threat by a group claiming to
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be mossad cyber-attackers. they hand delivered a letter, saying they had worked on the stuxnet that sanched savaged iran's system. if it didn't happen within 30 days south africa would face a cyber-attack that would cripple its banking and finance sectors. >> hacking espionage we are literally seeing the spectrum of cyber-threats in south africa. cyber-terrorism, cyber-warfare is on the increase. there are a lot of international wars where we could be dragged into. >> it seems the government never did find out who was behind the threat but it fears the worst is yet to come. the secret briefing says there's a strong possibility that straily businesses linked to
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mossad could link offensive espionage against south africa. phil reese, al jazeera. >> the man who shot and killed an unarmed black teenager in 2012 will not face federal hate crime charges. george zimmerman shot and killed trayvon martin as he was walking home. zimmerman has's said it was an act of self defense. charging him with violating federal civil rights laws. the controversial oil pipeline is under rm extreme issue
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now. >> the pipeline has been vetoed and now the wait continues. the u.s. president has already laid out the criteria for his approval. >> our national interest will be served only if this project does not exacerbate the problem of carbon pollution. >> the president said canadian tar sands would be developed regardless. now the environmental protection agency has said maybe not because of the drop in oil prices right now it wouldn't be profitable. their warning that tar sands create 17% more greenhouse gas than more crude. that would be equivalent to adding 5.7 million cars or 7.8 coal fired power plants. it's not anything but the economics. this is more about politics than any impact the final decision
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will have. >> so i think it's more symbolic for politics than it is for the economics of oil and in terms of the world markets. and so it won't make any difference the price of oil but it might make a difference in the terms of the united states ability to move forward with energy policy which is important. >> the fight ore keystone over keystone may be soon but sign there will be many more battles over the next two years. patty culhane, al jazeera washington. the agreement of greece, from defaulting on its debts. the list of measures put forward includes a range of antiausterity policies including free electricity, health care, food and public transport for the poorest. greece wants to offer aid for those on low pensions and stop homes from being repossessed. it plans to pay for these
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reforms by tackling tax evasion and corruption. and make the government more efficient, cutting the mum of ministries and cutting the number of official cars. john siropolous has more from athens. one of greece's addition possessed at 40 she has lost her bookmaker's shop and owes the tax man 35,000 that she cannot pay. she is underwhelmed by alexis tsipras's reforms. >> he has given us hope that will regain our honor but how are they going to go back on all that their predecessors have signed? if you go back on the bank, they will take your house. >> having vowed not to, it has
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prom nebtly includedprominently much of this has been promised before. will have an uphill battle convincing creditors that it will restart the economy particularly hard liner germany. >> translator: we want to continue aid for grease but the condition for that is the condition of the reform program. every government has the right to change its policies, but it cannot be transferred to other countries. >> reporter: for now however creditors are giving greeks a chance to prove themselves. it is essentially a confidence period between an untested greek admiration and fid up fed up promises.
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>> its overarching agreement is that greece will consult with its creditors on all legislation while they in turn will not impose austerity measures. greece has a few weeks to show that it means business. >> syriza, the more it gains the trust of creditors the more it loses the same of its supporters. shinnzo abe's abe's speech, whether he will down play his country's controversial actions during that war. one of the issues is whether he will acknowledge that thousands of korean and chinese women were forced into prostitution by the japanese military. china will also come to see what
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abe says about the nenking massacre. tokyo disputes the allegation. michael kuchek is the adjunct fellow at temple university and he explains the significance of this statement. >> the the significance is that on the ten-year anniversaries 50th anniversary the 60th anniversary and now the 70th anniversary of the war, prime ministers have generally hyped up their message the statement they make as being the definitive way for japan to get past the history of world war ii and of the china-japan war. it hasn't happened yet. and mr. abe wants to be the prime minister who finally lays to rest the historical problems that separate japan from china and japan from south korea. so he's put together this panel
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to advise him to promote and eventually produce this great statement that will put an end to the acrimony of all these decades. >> a teenage asylum seeker is recovering in an australian hospital after jumping from a balcony at an immigration rights center. a scathing report faced by children at immigration detention centers. andrew thomas reports. >> he now lives in sydney and is studying to be an accountant. but before he was given a visa, australian government held him in austere conditions. he coped in detention he says but saw other children who didn't. >> i saw kids who are hang, i
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saw kids who are cutting their hands. it is not something i could forget. we are damaging those kids. we are damageing mentally, and we are damaging physically. >> reporter: his experience is similar to many detailed in human rights report on immigrant children detained by australia's government. >> our findings are deeply shocking. we found that all the medical evidence confirmed that detention causes and compounds mental health disorders amongst children. >> more than a third of children detained require psychiatric support, there are allegations of sexual abuse against children many have self-harmed officials from australia's immigration department confirmed a 16-year-old girl in detention threw her severely off a building last week.
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only australia locks up immigrant children. serious damage has been done to those it does. this it says is a travesty. more children were in detention under the previous government than the current one. the report the prime minister says should acknowledge the deposit's success in stopping boats of refugees from coming to australia in the first place. >> this inquiry is a political stitch-up. it is a political stitch-up and called out by members of this government. >> i totally reject any report that this is a politicized exercise and the report speaks for itself. >> australia's policy towards refugees is deeply political. elections have been won and lost on the issue. children though are among those who feel its consequences. andrew thomas, al jazeera
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sydney. >> politicians in jamaica have decriminalized small amounts of ganja. would not result in a criminal report, 56 grams or less. a story about new versus old. over the years many of nepal's traditional type buildings have been pulled down and replaced by modern structures. now pushing to rebuild the past. from the kathmandu valley, the report begins. >> started making a handsome living out of it. >> my parents worked as carpenters but i trained to be a wood carver because it's good work and i can earn fluff to raise a family. >> the students have built many of these magnificent buildings in the cat kathmandu valley.
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many call him mad when he first started. >> 17 years ago that's how it looked and they were the inhabitant of the house. you can imagine. >> he found it impossible to explain the value of renovation so he built this house to serve as a showcase. >> the impact of this house is actually at the moment higher than i had thought. because whenever anyone who has got an old house when he or she comes, look at this house and within a half an hour and this is a mistake and so fast. >> the city's restoration started a few decades ago. in the early 1970s the government gave a wedding present to the then king and queen by restoring the 17th century building. and until the late 1980s the germans continued to renovate
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all of the templess temp temples here. for the old timers, the architectural revival couldn't make them happier. he has been sketching the houses door flames. >> since it is an old style building you have to have a woodenned inned window even if you can't open it. >> he is aiming at 1,000 in his lifetime but concrete and glass has taken over much of the kathmandu valley. sabin rarvetionina shrista, al jazeera
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kathmandu. sinkhole, eventually rescued taken to a nearby hospital and treated for minor injuries. reminder, you can keep up to date with all the news on our website at on "america tonight.".. >> i got involved in the civil rights movement in mississippi around 1955, when emma teal was murdered. i saw people, my people, being shot at with tear gas in their own neighbourhood. [ chanting ] one... >> i knew that i had to get up ♪


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